At mTena we work hard to ensure women in Ethiopia have access to much needed maternal and infant care information that allows them to make the right decisions for themselves and their families. With the use of simple text messages we provide information on prevalent feelings associated with pregancy, dietary tips & visitation notifications among others. As mTena aims to be inclusive we also have specific messages that are tailored to the spouses of the expectant women. This allows the partners to take part in the care & well-being of their expectant partners. With these targeted messages parents are able to follow through on pregnancy & child development, ensuring that abnormalities are detected in time & equipping parents with information. 







Our Team

Tizzita holds an Msc in Social Entrepreneurship & Management  & a BBA in Entrepreneurship. She has a long standing engagement in the 3rd sector having worked for both local & international NGO's such as UNICEF & The Muday Charity Association in Ethiopia among others. She has also worked as part of a team in developing an innovation kit for the Copenhagen School of Design & Technology. Here she specifically focused on social innovation. Her research interests include social tech innovation & social enterpreneurship in the African context.

Tizzita Mengesha Tefera
Managing Director
 Fassika Fikre Hailemeskel
Chief Technology Officer

Fassika holds a BEng in Aerospace Engineering. He has worked in the aerospace field in Canada, in roles such as project management, robotics systems, quality management, technical support & customer relations. He also worked as a research engineer at Carleton University mainly on control systems and system integration for supercritical water nuclear reactor test loops. In Ethiopia, he established a renewable energy organization that works to provide affordable solar energy systems.

Feel free to get in touch with us on the contact sheet across. Below we also have links to various social media platforms that you can also use to get in touch with us and follow us.

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